Social Influence 

A company can deepen its social influence by using its core business to create a sustainable social benefit program. An-Shin has a total of 287 stores in various cities and districts in 2020.

Blood Donation

In August, stores in Taipei, Taoyuan and Taichung assemble their employees to participate in blood donation. Many of them were first-time blood donors. Accompanied by nurses, they completed their first blood donation. We hope that the store members will bring our spirit of helping others and understand it is more blessed to give than to receive. Throughout this activity, more people will understand the significance of blood donation.

Supplies/Goods Raising

On August 21st, the members in the Dajia store together with customers raise goods like second-hand clothes and bags. The collected goods were sent  to a recycling platform. This activity enhanced the relationship  between staffs and customers and send help for those in need. In addition, the store manager of Xizhi store noticed Chung-Yi Social Welfare Foundation takes in refugees, military orphans, home children and single parents' children. On August 28, 2020, a goods raising event was held in the store to provide goods to the disadvantaged minority. With this little act of donating goods, we tried to provide them with a better life. 

Charity Sales to Help Animals

Animal Rescue Team Taiwan (ARTT) is the first non-governmental organization in Taiwan to imitate the example of the United States and to provide emergency rescue and medical treatment for animals. On August 15th, Taichung Dajia store used the store as a community charity sale platform to sell secondhand items collected by the neighbourhood. They donated all the income of that day to ARTT. Heart of Taiwan Animal Care (HOTAC) integrates the resource of civil and government organization to improve the situation of excessive reproduction by stray dogs/cats. Taichung Train Station store held a second-hand charity sale on August 24-29. Although the amount raised was not much, it was meaningful as we donated all the income of that day to HOTAC. 

Food Education for Children 

Since 2006, MOS Burger started to hold "Diet Education" and has been promoting healthy diet for more than 10 years. Our purpose is to educate children not to be picky eater and to cherish it by linking the connection of the nutrition of food and burger making. In 2018, we launched a curriculum suitable for 3-6 years old, the program is about learning the connection of colors, numbers, sizes and other related concepts with food ingredients. Through interactive learning, it caused closer bonding between families. Food education is not only for fun but for learning in an interesting way of the correct concepts. This also includes our gratitude to customers and our repay to society. During the pandemic, the store kept participants at 10 people for each session. 4 store members spent 2 hours for preparation and 2 hours for the course and implementation. With calculating the number systematically from 2015, more than 22,245 people had participated in this. There are more than 128 food education sessions held and it cost approximately 628 hours with 1,293 participants in 2020. We also cooperate with The Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of National Taichung University of Education to organize food education regularly.


Food Education for the Elderly

The population of people in Taiwan with dementia has exceeded 290,000 as of April 2020, which means out of every 100 people, 1 person suffers from dementia. The Health Service Center in Xinyi District collaborated with MOS Burger Yongji Store and resources from Wuquan area to held the first food education for elderly. Through the activities such as making burgers, we hope to encourage the disabled and demented elderly to reach out with more people, and create a dementia friendly community. Aside from health promotion courses and consultations, the elderly also had the opportunity to wear the MOS Burger uniform and make their own burgers with the companion of our staffs.

'I LOVE MOMMY' Coloring

An-Shin organizes the "I LOVE MOMMY Coloring" in May every year. Since 2017, over 9,350 children have participated in this activity, and the accumulated prizes amounted to NT$365,000. Anyone can redeem a small-size chips after completing the coloring. In 2020, 4,196 people redeemed the chips, the redemption rate increased by 2,172 and social influence increased by 107% compared to 2019. The coloring activity went online in 2020 due to the pandemic, 8 winners were selected in the lucky draw and we gave out MOS Cash Card valued NT$500-$3,000.

Total Reward (NT$)

Number of participants

Fundraising for Homeless Babies

The manager of Kaohsiung Ziyou Store knows it is not easy to transport and store fresh ingredients, and irregular donations are hard to meet the needs of an organization for children. Therefore, on August 18th, the manager founded Homeless Babies - An-Shin Fruit Fundraising Platform and encouraged the staffs to join the charity work.