Message from our Chairman  

We believe everyone can contribute to the social responsibility, and An-Shin will always take the initiatives to create a friendly workplace and provide the best for our customers, which lead us to a well-recognize and role model company. 

Chien-Yuan Lin

Together We Protect Our Customers and Fight against the COVID-19

An-Shin Co., Ltd. (MOS Burger) is the first Japanese-Style Fast Food Chain in Taiwan and we serve our signature rice burger for over 30 years. Throughout the years, we have always attached great importance to food safety and hygiene. 2020 has been a tough year for all of us, we face these challenges by upgrading our preventative measures to make our restaurants feel like a safe spot to customers. An-Shin is dedicated to “Contribution to Humanity and Society” , we uphold our promise by monitoring all the processes with strict management and evaluations and give our customers the best service all the time. 

Utilize Local Ingredients and Create Innovative Products

Over the years, we consistently launched various new products and hope to amaze our customers with different flavors. We are committed to promote the “3-in-1 Green Purchasing Policy” which consolidates “Food Traceability” , “Local Sourcing” and “Contract Farming ” . LOHAS market delivers fresh and safe agricultural products straight from their origin, therefore customers enjoy ingredients of the same quality at MOS stores at home. In 2020, our C-level executives visited various farmers, and fishermen’s associations in Southern Taiwan to explore and look for potential local ingredients. As a result, we successfully cooperated with Kaohsiung City to launch the world’s first “Dragon Tiger Grouper Rice Burger With Salted Egg Yolk Sauce” . This unique burger used the local sliced grouper as the main ingredient and it was a successful product launch. To ensure food safety, we also set up a food safety control system, which is monitored and executed by TAF and TFDA certified food inspection center. We strive to ensure food safety from farm to plate all the time while serving delicious products and promoting green purchasing

Digital Transformation and a Whole New Customer Experience

The F&B industry has always been a challenging industry due to the continuous change in consumer demands and rapid development of technology, especially the emerging trend of food delivery service in 2020. To keep up with the industry trends and meet the consumer demands, we improved ourselves by combining 3 different ways including local ingredients, smart technology and innovative service. It was an exciting news that the An-Hui Information Technology., Ltd. which is the subsidiary company of An-Shin had successfully operated in 2020. The "3Q Innovation Plan" ("Service Quality, Product Quality, Environment Quality") is also continuously executed as our core to digital transformation. An-Shin strives for breakthroughs every year, for example, the launch of service robot, An-Shin Intelligent Farm and Food Delivery Service Team. We take every remarkable step alongside food safety as a top consideration and hope to give our customers the best experience. 

Integrating ESG into Sustainable Business

An-Shin is dedicated to provide leisure and eco-friendly dining area by incorporating MOS spirit (Mountain, Ocean, and Sun) which encourage people to preserve and protect the environment. In terms of the Food Delivery Service Team, we received the Industrial Development Bureau subsidy to purchase 52 electric motorcycles and officially operated in September. This has successfully reduced carbon emission also fulfilling the demands of food delivery service. We encourage our staffs and customers to engage in environmental conservation activities as well. By cooperating with the Construction and Planning Agency of the Ministry of the Interior (CPAMI), we continuously promoting environmental education and introduce the National Parks in Taiwan and related activities to our customers since 2018. In addition, we provide related information of national parks at nearby stores and integrated the store design with national park features so that our customers can admire the beauty of nature while enjoying their delicious meal. 

Treat Employees like Family

 An-Shin welcomes middle-aged women to reenter the workforce from the very beginning, we have more than 1,000 employees (approximately 18 % of total employees) are aged 45 and above. Certainly, we offer a package of employee benefits including the employee reward system, travel allowance, body checkup, employee stock ownership trust (ESOP), and etc. We aim to become a proactive, digitalized and sustainable business in the future while embracing corporate social responsibility and upholding customer-centric values. In conclusion, we believe everyone can contribute to social responsibility, and An-Shin will always take the initiative to create a friendly workplace and provide the best for our customers, which leads us to a well-recognized and role model company.