Identification of Material Topics  

Our CSR report consolidates an assessment scheme into a systematic analysis and identifies major concerns/topics for stakeholders as a basis for reporting, which allows for effective communication and continuous improvement in our sustainability performances. To address stakeholder inquiries, we enhance CSR disclosures by following Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. An-Shin identifies key issues for stakeholder concerns through materiality analysis, including 5 steps: (a) stakeholder identification, (b) material topics identification & induction, (c) survey on the degree of concern and impact of the material topics, (d) materiality assessment & identification, and (e) validation & discussion. Other relevant information is also disclosed in each chapter of this report.

Material Topics and the corresponding GRI Standards

Sustainable Value Creation GRI  

An-Shin achieves sustainable value creation by approaching the 6 capitals, integrating 8 core values and 5 management skills. We constantly review and revise our value creation model to ensure continuous improvement and creating sustainable development of the economy, environment, and society.