Integrity Management

An-Shin promotes and implements integrity while strengthening corporate management and risk management. The Human Resources Department promotes integrity management to reinforce the corporate culture and ensure business operation by formulating Principles of Integrity Management, Integrity Management Operation Procedures and Guidelines, Work Rules, and Employee Code of Conduct. An-Shin upholds the principles of fairness, integrity, trustworthiness, and transparency in our business, and we strictly implement the integrity management to prevent dishonest behavior and guide our employees to perform their duties with a high degree of self-discipline. 


  • Formulated Principles of Integrity Management, Integrity Management Operation Procedures and Guideline, Work Rules, and Employee Code of Conduct. 
  • Issued “A Letter for An-Shin Employees: Code of Conduct” which strictly requires employees to comply with regulations on the integrity management while performing their duties.


  • Disclose integrity management policy on the supplier section of official website.
  • Issue the “Notice of Integrity Principles” to employees and suppliers before important holidays by the Procurement Department to promote ethical business practices.

Integrity Policy

Notice of Integrity Principles

An-Shin did not involve in any material violations or heavy fines. The auditors are responsible to monitor and report to the board about any violations of Employee Code of Conduct. Besides, An-Shin established an independent audit process and whistleblowing channel (, the identity of the whistleblower and content will be kept confidential to protect the whistleblower from potential retaliation or unfair treatment.

Internal Audit Management  

The internal audit is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the internal control of company and effectiveness of business operation. They provide suggestions when necessary to ensure the implementation of internal control system and assist the board and managers in their responsibilities. Internal audit mainly plays as a role in assisting the operation records and procedures and ensure its correctness and completeness. Besides, they provide suggestions and plans for the managers after receiving information or responses from different units. Independent directors, internal auditors and third-party accountants have direct communication channels such as phone calls, E-mail, instant messaging etc.with our management team which allows efficient audits and monitoring.

Communication among independent directors, internal audit supervisors and third-party accountants
Type Frequency 2020 Highlights
Audit report Monthly
  • The internal audit supervisors will do a business report according to the audit report feedback given by the independent directors.
Audit meeting with accountants Quarterly
  • Internal audit implementation, self evaluation and improvements.
Team meeting 3 times per year
  • Report review and other laws and regulations related discussion.

Risk Management

The daily operations of An-Shin are affected by various financial risks, including market risks (including exchange rate risks and price risks), credit risk and liquidity risk. The overall risk management policy focuses on unpredictable events in the financial market, and we seek to reduce the potential negative impacts on financial conditions and performance. The Financial and Store Development Center is responsible for the implementation of risk management which is approved by the board of directors. They identify, evaluate and avoid financial risks by cooperating with different units. Besides, the board has set a written policy on overall risk management and specific issues such as credit risk and remaining liquid funds investment.

Top 5% of the Corporate Governance Evaluation among the TWSE Listed Companies 

For 4 consecutive years, our corporate governance has been
ranked within the top 5% according to TWSE (Taiwan Stock Exchange). Our functional committees are all engaged and willing to participate within meetings-working efficiently and achieving high