Internal HDCS Audit 

HDCS (Hospitality, Delicious, Cleanliness, and Speed) has always been our core value in customer service. The Operation Inspection Unit is responsible for the store HDCS and food safety audit to ensure every store follows the SOPs once every 2 months. Immediate feedback was given during in-store evaluations, stores which fail the inspection are tracked and required to report the improvement made within 1 week. In 2020, a total of 1,639 store visits were carried out, and the accumulated store visits has reached 7,605 times and more the 1,400 visits are carried out per year on average. Besides, the Operation Inspection Unit provides HDCS weekly report regularly to allow the stores to know about their rankings, improvement tracking, reminders, and prevention measures to food safety and quality. Grade C stores with score 69 and below for twice in half year will be guided by both Operation Inspection Unit and district managers and the improvement progress will be tracked weekly.

HDCS Audits

Annual HDCS Scores
Annual Store Visits



Annual Pass Rate of Shelf Life Evaluation


Shelf Life Evaluation Standard:

There are few agendas in the weekly operation meeting which allow the chief officer to get a grasp on the stores' situation, such as the quality and sales of new products, store counseling progress, and equipment and maintenance issues. In the store managers meeting, Operation Inspection Unit Department conveys important messages and reminders of frequent missing items during store visits, while the monthly report of store visits is presented to the managers in the division meeting to discuss and help the stores which need improvement. 

Major Meetings