Happy Workplace 

A happy workplace includes providing competitive salaries and benefits, a safe working environment, two-way communication channels, respecting and listening to employees, and provides a place for employees to develop. An-Shin hires employees regardless of their age or educational background, but passionate in this field. After the selection, we will arrange pre-employment training and job rotation for the newcomers. Besides, we also provide a complete promotion plan and looking forward to educating an outstanding individual.

Human Rights

Recruitment Website

Employee Diversity 

Diversification of employees is an important component of the corporate culture. Therefore, An-Shin upholds the belief of employing the right person for the right place. Through the internal organizational structure and HR system, the number of An-Shin's employees is 5,452, of which 91 are foreign employees, including Japan, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, South Africa and Philippines,and etc. We provide internal employee training and overseas rotate opportunities and promote outstanding talents from within. There are no major changes or seasonal differences from the previous year. It is estimated that 520 people will be recruited in 2021. There is 1 senior manager from Japan, the ratio of local senior manager is 80%.

Number of managerial position and ratio by gender
Nationality of Center Management Team
Number of employees by position, contract and gender
Type Unit Male Female
R.O.C. % 34 65
Other Nationalities % 0 1
Number of employees by position, contract and gender
Subsidy Items Activities 2018 2019 2020
Male Female Male Female Male Female
Employees(By Position) Administrative Management 36 65 37 64 32 61
Staff 22 44 21 51 21 51
Operation Management 92 151 98 160 100 158
Full-time Employee 230 420 269 363 222 360
Part-time Employee 1,599 3,062 1,651 3,251 1,482 2,965
Total 1,979 3,742 2,076 3,889 1,857 3,595
Employees(Type of employment) Fixed Term 1,979 3,742 2,076 3,889 1,857 3,595
Contract Employee 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total 1,979 3,742 2,076 3,889 1,857 3,595

Number of total employees. (By position, age and gender)

Number of total employees. (By position, age and gender)
Ratio of managerial/non-managerial position and gender
Type Male Female
Managerial 0.6 1
Non-Managerial 0.6 1
Number of new employees and recruitment rate
Year 2018 2019 2020
Age Male Female Male Female Male Female
30 and Below 153 242 172 179 99 155
31-50 32 51 44 46 30 39
51 and above 3 9 3 6 2 6
Total 490 450 331
Total Employees 5,721 5,965 5,452
Recruitment rate(%) 9 8 6
Number of resigned employees and turnover rate
Year 2018 2019 2020
Age Male Female Male Female Male Female
30 and Below 142 185 125 204 133 143
31-50 34 57 45 61 44 51
51 and above 3 5 4 8 4 8
Total 426 447 383
Total Employees 5,721 5,965 5,452
Turnover rate(%) 7 8 7

Salary and Welfare System 

Through the survey, we understand the salary terms for market competitiveness: The starting salary for recruits is equal for men and women and the benefits will not be different due to gender, age, nationality, disability, race, or any conditions. An-Shin actively provides seniors, second-career job opportunities. An-Shin complies with the Labor Standards Law and related laws and conducts regular employee performance appraisals. Store members are assessed by the "Store Performance Appraisal", and other departments are evaluated by the “Employee Performance Appraisal” to assess their work performance. Based on the assessments, the results are used as a reference basis for staff’ s promotion, job rotation, work rewards, bonus distribution, training, career planning, and etc. An-Shin regularly reviews the salary and promotion system through the Remuneration Committee and the Human Development Committee and conducts objective reviews in conjunction with the HR evaluation committee.

Through the overall salary and bonus system, it allows staff to affirm their self-worth and enhance their sense of accomplishment. An-Shin has an employee welfare committee, which is composed of employees, discuss employee welfare regularly, and provides diversified welfare measures, including travel subsidies, language allowances, maternity allowances, child education allowances, and annual body check, and etc.
Median annual salary and average annual salary for non-managerial positions

Year Units 2018 2019 2020
Average Annual Salary for Non-Managerial Positions Thousands 519 526 558
Median Annual Salary for Non-Managerial Positions Thousands 466 473 514
Number of Employees in Non-Managerial Positions People 1,023 1,072 1,000

Benefits for part-time employees

Benefits for full-time employees

Emergency Relief Account

An-Shin upholds the belief of the "MOS family", we support and care for our employees. To take care of employees who are in urgent need of assistance due to unexpected changes in their lives, An-Shin announced in April 2013 the "Employee Emergency Assistance Fund" and established an emergency assistance account. When employees first join An-Shin, they will sign the relief amount according to their personal preference, and the donations are deducted from their salary every month. The rescue funds are kept by the Welfare Committee to help employees in emergencies, with limited resources, gathering the love of everyone, giving employees timely help, and assisting employees to overcome difficulties. Therefore, employees can discuss and apply for assistance if there is an emergency in the family or a major illness. An-Shin's emergency relief account covers the special needs that insurance cannot take care of, and provide employees with appropriate support in the shortest possible time. The funds of the account are derived from the donations of employees. Since 2013, it has subsidized more than 80 employees with an amount of almost NT$4 million to help employees' families.

An-Shin provides subsidies for various activities every year and launches the "Employee Stock Ownership Trust" program to motivate and retain talents. Employees will invest 10% of their monthly salary, and the company will also allocate relative amounts to individuals in the trust account. In other words, employees who participate in an ownership trust can not only obtain stable financial management but also share their operating results as shareholders.

Subsidy Items Activities 2018 2019 2020
Club subsidies According to the club assessment and the number of members, different subsidies are granted. The annual maximum amount of subsidies applied by each club is NT$ 20,000. Special project subsidies of NT$ 15,000 will be granted after review. 106 39 82 114 82 94
Employee Stock Ownership Trust Enhance employee welfare, improve employee recognization and share business performances. 172 7,827 190 9,131 197 9,589
Children's education subsidy Employees' children, who did not fail any subjects, may apply for education subsidies. 32 49 47 66 46 73
Travel subsidy Subject to seniority, employees may apply for annual travel subsidies. 332 1,160 799 3,764 810 3,679
Wedding subsidy Employees may apply for a marriage subsidy. 12 237 22 417 6 119
Birth subsidy Employees may apply for a birth benefit. 10 189 9 114 1 15
Funeral subsidy When the employee' s parents, adoptive parents, step-parents, spouse, or children passed, they may apply for a funeral subsidy. 68 278 72 340 16 242

Badminton Club

An-Shin Badminton Club has the largest number of members, with 40 people in the company. Staffs from different departments sweat once a week in the badminton court near the company. With fine equipment, sports drinks, and a safe environment, beginners or experienced can find their best partner in this club. In this environment, it enhances the communication between different departments and strengthens the body and the bonds.

Type 2018 2019 2020
Sessions Participants Sessions Participants Sessions Participants
40 1600 40 1600 40 1600

Yoga Club

The company's female staff is the majority, and the number of members is 22. Professional women are under the pressure of work and family. An-Shin Yoga Club has step-by-step courses to allow students to strengthen their cardiorespiratory functions, maintain a good posture, and increase muscle endurance to achieve a balance between body and soul.

Type 2018 2019 2020
Yoga Club Sessions Participants Sessions Participants Sessions Participants
3 31 4 231 4 138

Mountaineering Club

Through regular exercise habits, improves health and get close to nature, thereby enhancing mutual communication and uniting the team. The number of the club is 20. The monthly activities not only allow the members to exercise together but also establish a good interpersonal relationship between the headquarter staffs and the store staffs. Participate in environmental and ecological education courses to arouse the love of nature.

Type 2018 2019 2020
Mountaineering Club Sessions Participants Sessions Participants Sessions Participants
6 72 15 134 9 89

Year-End Thanksgiving Banquet

At the end of the year, it is the season of Thanksgiving and Christmas. An-Shin holds a Thanksgiving banquet every year to thank the employees for their hard work and encourage them to continue their efforts next year. Through this gathering, colleagues in the head office can communicate with other departments with joy and gratitude, and participate in the grand event and enhance friendship.

Recruitment for Middle-Aged Citizens 

Second career employees usually have stable emotions and rich social experience. Through their rich life experience, they can pass it on to our young store members, to create a warmer store atmosphere and provide better services. Since the establishment of An-Shin, it has continued to employ second career women and middle-aged job seekers. In 2020, the number of people who reenter the job market and over 50 years old was nearly 670 people, which is 12% of the total employees. In addition to fulfilling CSR, we also hope to narrow the distance between different age groups, create a diverse workplace culture, and make society warmer and friendly, hence achieving like the business philosophy of "Contribution to Humanity and Society".

Number of employees who are 50 years old and above and its percentage



We have been actively employing middle-aged and senior workers since our establishment and we have more than 1,000 people over 45 years old. Besides, we hold senior recruitment events every year. Several senior workplace experience activities have also been held to let those employees understand their workplace advantages through the learning activities.

"Job Redesign –Competitiveness for Seniors" Seminar 


An-Shin organizes the “Job Re-design”project with the advocate of the government.Chairman Chien-Yuan Lin attended the “Job Redesign – Competitiveness for Senior” seminar hosted by the Ministry of Labor in September 2020. An-Shin has been active in diversified recruitment and established a friendly workplace for senior staffs. Besides, we believe that both the persistence on food safety and the support of employees are the most important assets. Only by standing with employees,we can build mutual consensus with employees and work towards to our goal.


The Garden of Hope Foundation held a workplace workshop for disadvantaged women 

The Garden of Hope Foundation has been helping battered women so that they can get out of predicaments and financially independent. An-Shin actively recruits second-career seekers,hoping to use the power of enterprises to reduce their difficulty in joining the workplace. Therefore, we occasionally organize workplace workshops for disadvantaged women with The Garden of Hope Foundation.

Management Trainee Program 

An-Shin has been conducting recruitment activities for the Management Trainee Program since 2010 and has nurtured many elite staffs who hold managerial positions in various departments of the headquarters. In 2020, we continued the program for people overseas and domestic, and actively support a full range of staffs. After entering the company, orientation will be arranged, and they will be rotated in different departments every 6 months to carry out practical training. Based on personal strengths and assessment, suitable departments and positions will be arranged, and we hope to develop more outstanding operation and managerial people.

Management Trainee Workshop 

In the first year of the Management Trainee Program, Management Trainee Workshop will be held monthly. The workshop is divided into two parts, including the training courses and the topic report presentations. The topic reports of 2020 include the industrial impact of the COVID-19, suggestions for digital transformation, and etc. The monthly training courses include the discussion of store operation procedures, store operation improvements, workplace etiquette, communication skills, reading clubs, time management, presentation skills, and etc. We hope to provide wide-range and systematic courses to develop innovative thinking and key communication skills, analytical skills and thinking skills.


Cooperative Education Program

An-Shin spares no effort to cultivate young talents and cooperate with several colleges every year. In the company, we also encourage the employee' s professional advancement and self-improvement to grow along with the company. For the students, we provide various internship programs:

Types of cooperative education program
Types of Cooperation  2020
Cooperation Project 3
Sandwich Internship 60
Summer Internship 7
Dual Training Program 2
College Class 1
College Employment Oriented Class 2
Industrial College Project 2
Total 77

Memorandum of Cooperation with Colleges 

The memorandum of cooperation expresses the will of the two parties for signing a formal contract in the future. On December 5th, the Taichung University of Education celebrated its anniversary and signed a memorandum of cooperation. In addition, at the press conference of Taipei International Food Show 2020 on December 17th, a memorandum of cooperation was signed with Chung Hua University. We believed that through cooperation with colleges, we can cultivate talents for chain restaurants, work together to promote outstanding talents, endorse sustainable development, and create a safe dining environment and service experience.



An-Shin Program 

An-Shin shortens the learning gap, allows students to train their competitiveness while they are in school, and reduces the problem of students adapting to the workplace. The "An-Shin Program" is based on the college teachers and corporate lecturers jointly plan courses and bring in industry experiences into the program. After completing the program and company assessment, students will enter An-Shin for internships and get directly employed after graduation. Through customized industrial cooperation, combined with TECO Catering's professional training, it brings up managers for companies and food safety personnel for Taiwan in the future.

An-Shin program
Item 2019 2020
Participate Colleges 2 2
Participate Departments 12 13
Number of Courses 19 21
Corporate Lecturers 24 26
Participants 49 50


Workplace Experience Camp 

An-Shin organizes the "Workplace Experience Camp" every year through cooperative education. A total of 11 sessions were held in 2020, with 488 participants, the number of events and the number of participants has increased compared with 2019. Other than introducing An-Shin' s history, service process and business philosophy, students were also invited to experience product making in the kitchen and taste the burgers. The purpose of this activity is to allow students to know the workplace in advance, to see any students with aspirations in the catering industry, and to know more about An-Shin's product through the experience.

Workplace experience camp
Item 2018 2019 2020
Sessions 6 9 11
Number of participants 302 398 488

Cooperative Education 

An-Shin is enthusiastic in helping graduates or teenagers who have no working experience.In recent years, we continuously expand our cooperative education with colleges by increasing 15 partner schools in 2020. To retain outstanding personnel, An-Shin offers a competitive benefits package including retention bonus, transfer bonus, attendance bonus, and etc. They enjoy the same benefits as full-time employees.

Cooperative education
Item 2018 2019 2020
Faculties for Cooperative Education 59 71 83
Number of interns 100 78 73

Various Bonus Scheme 

An-Shin proposes several attractive benefits, and cooperation with the school and the Ministry of Labor to implement the Dual Training Program. The students are studying at the school and also working in the company. Students who pass the semester, complete the weekly journal on time, and submit the result within the deadline will be awarded semester scholarships for encouragement. In 2020, a total of 10 students were eligible, and a total of NT$ 51,000 were awarded. Furthermore, there are incentives for employee transfers as long as they have served for more than 6 months and meet the relevant qualifications after transfer. In 2020, a transfer bonus of NT$ 640,000 was given out and there were 100 people benefit from this. Moreover, to encourage employees to introduce friends, there is an introducing bonus system that whoever is eligible can apply for it. In 2020, an introducing bonus of NT$ 29,000 was provided, and the number of beneficiaries was 24.

Annual bonuses
Item Unit 2018 2019 2020
Grants of Dual
Training Program
Thousands 60 51 51
People 10 10 10
Transfer Bonus
People 149 76 100
Referral Bonus
People 26 55 24

Local Grains Restaurant and Channel Announcement

To demonstrate the diversity and innovative of our local grains, An-Shin participated in the "Local Grains Restaurant and Channel Announcement" organized by the Agriculture and Food Agency, Council of Agriculture -Executive Yuan to encourage schools and enterprises to learn more about local grains. At the same time, a memorandum of cooperation with An-Shin was signed to develop new products together. In the future, it will be easier for consumers to taste innovative grain meals in various stores.

Agri-Food Agency: Grains Rice Burger Competition

An-Shin has long-term cooperation education relationship with the Ching Kuo Institute of Management and Health. Many outstanding students came to An-Shin for internships and brought up many high-quality cadres.On September 12nd, An-Shin supported the Creative Grains Rice Burger Competition organized by the Ching Kuo Institute of Management and Health, which specially provided Special Gold Awards, Gold Scholarships,and medals to encourage students to use what they have learned in catering through grains utilization.


Support for Disabled Employees 

The number of disabled people employed was 126 in 2020, which was 2.3% of the total employees. An-Shin aims to eliminate educational inequality and ensure that the disadvantaged have access to education and vocational training for all classes. We believe that "They are not incapable, as long as the work is breaking down. into pieces, they can perform as well." Therefore, An-Shin has been cooperating with the regional disability department to build MOS Burger as a place to support community employment.

People with disabilities have long been regarded as a burden to society, but An-Shin believes that people with disabilities are as pure and kind as angels. Therefore, we call them "little angels". Little angels also need job opportunities to allow them to make progress step by step. Therefore, An-Shin hired people with disabilities and hoped that through the power of enterprises, they can reverse their image in society and become another boost for the social labor force.

An-Shin has long-term employment of disabling, through the customized training program and break down work processes, to help "little angels" become the best partners. On July 20th, An-Shin was invited by the Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office to the "Different Roads for Common Prosperity" press conference to serve as a company representative for hiring employees with disabilities.

An-Shin echoed to the Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office, caring for and encouraging employees to be more empathetic to those with disabilities. Our CMO Akio Fukumitsu attended the "Different Roads for Common Prosperity" awards ceremony. The Deputy Director of the Department of Labor, Yuhsueh Hsu issued a certificate of appreciation to An-Shin for creating a friendly workplace environment.



Disabled employee statistics
Disabled employee statistics
Item 2018 2019 2020
Administrative Management 1 2 1
Staff 0 0 1
Operation Management 0 0 2
Full-time Employee 7 6 6
Part-time Employee 145 149 16
Total 153 157 126
Percentage of Total Employees 2.7% 2.6% 2.3%

The 5th Orientation Ceremony and Seminar 

In 2020, the 5th Orientation Ceremony and seminar were held. A total of 95 new members have become the family members of An-Shin.The welcoming orientation, for new members has been held every year since 2016, which has gradually become a tradition and 397 people have participated in the orientation.Through a series of activities, we welcomed many lively and enthusiastic people who love MOS and let them understand the corporate culture of An-Shin. In the orientation, in addition to the visits by TECO catering affiliated companies, senior members were invited to share their experience, so that new members will have a better idea for their future careers.

Annual number of participants in orientation ceremony and seminars.