Customer Satisfaction Survey 

The customer satisfaction depends on the gaps between expectations and reality. With the rising consumer awareness, An-Shin puts great effort in achieving customer satisfaction, every store is required to collect at least 30 customer survey forms to ensure consistent service quality. The data collected is analyzed by the Customer Service Team to determine whether the store has achieved their target (Goal set for 2020 customer satisfaction score is 84.5 ). 

As a result, the overall  monthly customer satisfaction reached the goal. If there is store that fails to meet the standard for 3 consecutive months, we will issue an "Abnormality Handling Form" and request the store to take corrective measures. The store needs to propose improvement measures for items with poor satisfaction, followed by the tracking and confirmation of supervisors before closing case. 

Customer Survey Data Destruction

An-Shin established a privacy policy and strict internal procedures and regulations. We stated clearly in our customer survey form that the data collected is solely for the purpose for monthly analysis and will be destroyed by professional data destruction service. The service is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement for each destruc-tion and the destruction records are kept properly.

Annual complaints about personal information:

Item Unit 2018 2019 2020
Complaints on personal information case 0 0 0

Annual Customer Survey Form Stats:

Customer Survey Form
Average score 87.42 87.25 87.30