Energy Management 

An-Shin established a systematic Energy Management System and set up an "Energy  Task Force" to review the planning and improvement of the management plan based on energy goals and scope of responsibility, as well as ensure the scheduled progress and the operation are in line with the requirements. To ensure the implementation of ISO 50001 energy management system, we updated the audit and inspection on December 8, 2020.

The purpose of Minsheng Store to obtain the ISO 50001 certification isto become a model store for the implementation of the energy management system, and all stores are required to follow the same standard as Minsheng Store to efficiently manage energy use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, ultimately achieve the goal of energy saving and carbon reduction. 13 SOPs and documents were revised in 2020 and An-Shin took the preventative measures to identify 14 internal and external environmental issues. After risk assessment, 1 issue with a potentially large impact was addressed in the 2020 energy-saving action plan and the status and effectiveness will be tracked regularly.


Energy Resources and Greenhouse Gas Management

The total power used by An-shin in 2020 is 41,348,775 kW, with NT$ 5,281,241  thousand of non-consolidated revenue, 7.83 kW /thousand NTD of sales intensity.

Item Unit 2018 2019 2020
Power  kW (kilowatt) 39,134,926 40,242,150 41,348,775
Secondary energy Million joules (MJ) 140,885,734 144,871,740 148,855,590
Product intensity MJ/production 1.37 1.42 1.55
Service intensity MJ/total amount of service delivered 3.98 4.06 4.43
Sales intensity kW/thousand NTD 7.57 7.45 7.83
Electricity intensity kW/number of stores 147,679 146,335 144,072
Electricity intensity kW /m2 749 781 767
Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions tons of CO2e 20,859 20,483 21,047
Greenhouse gas emissions intensity tons of CO2e/revenue in thousands 0.0040 0.0038 0.0040

Energy Saving Action Plan

An-Shin aims to double the energy efficiency of stores and headquarters. We try our best to quantify all the performance requirements achieve the goals through the improvement of energy saving action plans. The lighting and air-conditioning energy consumption in 287 stores (as of 2020) accounts for more than 50% of the total electric-ity. Besides, we gradually replaced the existing fixtures to LED light fixtures which are more energy efficient, including the LED sign boards. For the newly open stores, we use environmentally friendly building materials and energy saving lamps, air-conditioners, and other equipment. We also replace the air-conditioners in existing stores regularly, a total of 267 air-conditioners (indoor and outdoor) were replaced so far to ensure the energy efficiency and achieve the goal of energy saving and carbon reduction.

Item Unit 2018 2019 2020
Air conditioner (indoor and outdoor) Pieces 273 290 267
Estimated energy savings kilowatts 1,024,132 1,088,080 1,001,980
Estimated secondary energy savings million joules 3,686,875 3,917,088 3,607,128
Carbon emission reduction tons of CO2e 546 554 510




Improvement Project of Air Quality in Stores

An-Shin surpasses the standards to reduce the unpleasant odors in stores which may affect the living quality of the neighborhood. In 2020, we introduced at least 2 commercial range hoods (including traditional range hood and electrostatic precipitator) in stores located in New Taipei City to improve the dining environment. Besides, the Environmental Protection Department of the Executive Yuan announced the "Management Regulations for Facilities to Control Air Pollution from Commercial Cooking Operation" (draft) on September 10th, which is scheduled to be implemented in the end of the year. An-Shin will continue our efforts on improving air quality and contribute to the environmental protection.