Market Analysis & Strategy  

According to the Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics from Executive Yuan, Taiwan's economic growth rate is estimated to be revised up to 4.64% in 2021 and reached its highest over the past 7 years. However, there are always unpredictable changes before the pandemic is fully under control. The catering industry is highly related to the lives of everyone, the only way to successful sustainable business is to play to our strengths, be flexible in problem-solving, continuous innovations and advanced deployment. Besides, healthy diet, plant-based diet, and ready-to-eat food are becoming nowadays trends that accelerate the restaurant transformation. New technologies are also driving business opportunities for delivery platforms and robot services. Customers are demanding more and more unique experiences. Therefore, An-Shin closely observes the industry trends, actively explores opportunities and keeps improving the products and dining experience. We analyze the opportunities and potential threats of our business and build various strategies:

SDGs Industry Trend Opportunities Threats Tactics

Multiple Payment Gateways
Popularized mobile devices and encourage online transaction Construction and system connection costs
  • Increase transaction options for multiple payment gateways
Increasing consumer acceptance Transaction accuracy
  • Introduce e-invoice and carrier
Reduce paper invoice printing Consumer data security
  • Invest in information technology equipment
  • Introduce ISO27001 information security management system
Reduce cash payment and human errors Complex marketing and reward system
  • Refine cash management
Food Delivery Service Expand the business channels Highly competitive catering industry
  • Establish delivery service task force
Reach out for potential customers  Decreasing dine-in restaurant demand
  • Develop instant products and build food delivery service team
Consumer demand for convenience Increasing delivery platform’s commission
  • Increase average order value of delivery meals
Rising gig economy Traffic management and exhaust emissions Delivery drivers’ safety
  • Accelerate information technology investment
  • Purchase electrical motorcycles
Automation Reduce workload and human errors, improve service efficiency. Machine development and construction costs
  • Accelerate R&D with TECO Group and improve employee efficiency and added value
Collect consumer information Data analysis and decisions
  • Utilize big data and AI technology
Improve consumer experience Review of manpower planning and allocation
Reshaping of service process and renovation
  • Promote new store types and designs

Smart Agriculture Industry-academia collaboration Lack of talent in related fields
  • Strategic alliance with colleges and universities
Coping with climate change and develop a solution for food crisis Increase in production
  • Establish Agricultural Production Department to plan and ensure stable supply chain
Smart agricultural technology innovation Establish a new business model
  • Apply environmental control technology and IoT monitoring
Reduce waste and carbon footprint Environmental construction cost
  • Implementation of circular economy
  • Build share economy with affiliate companies 
Food Safety Environmental protection and health awareness Raw material management
  • Source ingredient management
  • MOS Laboratory
Public health Supplier management
  • Promote food traceability
Consumers' curiosity Consumer acceptance for new ingredients 
  • Introduce healthy diet meals with appropriate marketing strategies 
Alternative protein sources Increasing acceptance with fewer choices
  • Development of other similar products