Voice of Employees 

An-Shin spares no effort to uphold the rights of employees, and any opinions reflected by employees will be dealt with in the first place. In addition to various internal communication channels, such as an actual mailbox for the chairman in the HQ, the website also has "Independent Directors Contact Mailbox", "Auditor Mailbox" and "Suggestion Mailbox". There is a dedicated unit to handle related affairs. A total of 11 cases were accepted through the suggestion mailbox in 2020, most of which were related to communication between employers and employees or consultations on employee welfare policies. All cases were resolved and closed during the year.

Number of cases in suggestion mailbox

Suggestion mailbox

Monthly Headquarters Meeting

We hold a monthly headquarters meeting during the last week of each month, which is mainly for the departments to announce important information and commend outstanding personnel. Unlike other companies, we are having this meeting in a Japanese way, standing, with rich content and to shorten the meeting time. The standing posture will make the staff tense and stimulate discussions indirectly.

Store Managers Conference

An-Shin holds district store managers meeting every month and national store managers conference every quarter. It includes information dissemination, speeches, experience sharing and operation awards. Through the National Store Managers Conference, store managers across the province will be gathered to exchange experiences, and at the same time achieve substantial and stimulating effects.

Recognition of Outstanding Employee

An-Shin publicly recognizes and rewards the departments or employees who perform well. Recognition is granted according to nomination by managers and satisfaction survey results. The Operational Control Unit conducts the store satisfaction survey for the sup-port given by HQ regularly. The operational staff serves customers and the HQ serves operational staffs.Similarly, to understand our customers is to understand our operational staffs. There were 20 teams and employees who received the recognition in 2020.

Number of recognized units and the reward amount

Recognition of Senior Employees

An-Shin appreciates the employees for their long-term dedication and hard work. Therefore, on April 30, 2020, senior employee recognition was held. There were 85 senior employees from 10 to 30 years in 2020, and 16 representatives attended the award. Those who have served in MOS for more than 20 years received a gold coin as an appreciation for their hard work and encouragement for them to continue moving forward. An-Shin believes that employees are the most important asset of the company.

Notice Period for Operational Changes

  • An-Shin terminates the labor contract by Article 11 or Article 13 of the Labor Standards Act, the notice period shall be handled as follow:
  • Employees working between 3 months-1 year, minimum 10 days notice period. Employees working between 1 year-3 years, minimum 20 days notice period.
  • Employees working over 3 years, minimum 30 days notice period.
  • When an employee receives a dismal notice, they have a maximum of 2 days per week with pay to find new work if needed.