Signature Product

An-Shin maintains the competitive advantages by providing various healthy and reassured products such as breakfast, burg-ers, snacks, hot and cold drinks, coffee, etc. We diversify our products in different ways by combining different flavors and emphasize the unique aspects of every product. Besides, we build a close connection with local farmers and fishers and became the first restaurant to obtain the "Taiwan Pork" logo.

Local Ingredients

We use local agricultural products such as Taiwan pork, Dragon Tiger Grouper, local sugarcane, Taiwan Golden Diamond Pineapple, wax apples and etc. to develop products. The initiative has suc-cessfully helped to solve the supply chain problem of farmers in the middle of the pandemic.



Raw Ingredients

We use ingredients that are not overly processed to retain the nutrient value and reduce the intake of food additives. For example, we launched Salmon Rice Burger with Japanese Miso Sauce, Quinoa & Pork Salad, Pork Rice Burger with Citrus Sesame Sauce and Pulled Pork Rice Burger in the past year. 

Anti-Epidemic Products

We integrate ingredients that can help to strengthen the immune system into our products such as turmeric, brown sugar, onions and boletus.

International Cuisines 

We combine our familiar products with global flair to vary the choices for our customers. For example, we launched the long black and flat white from Austra-lia, Seafood Rice Burger with Egg, Indian Curry Pork Chop Naan and Chicken Burger with Thai Sauce which have their own ethnic flavors.