SDGs Action Plans

  No poverty

  • In order to take care of employees who are in urgent need of assistance such as sudden life changes, we have set up an emergency relief in April 2013 and subsidized more than 80 employees, with the subsidy amount of nearly NT$ 4 mil-lion. We hope to support our employees though the most difficult times in their life.
  • An-Shin provides various employment plans to end poverty in all age groups, such as recruiting second-career women, middle-aged job seekers, people with disabilities, and etc.

 Zero hunger

  •  Allocate part of the yearly procurement for the local small-scale farmers to increase and ensure their stable income.
  • Promote 3-in-1 Green Purchasing Policy which integrates "Food Traceability", "Local Sourcing" and "Contract Farming" to create a new source of income for farmers and fishers and consume the local ingredients effectively.

  Good healthy and well-being

  • Implement health promotion activities, for example dance class, road safety seminar, unlawful workplace harassment awareness education (Part 1and Part 2), health check promotion seminar, AED+CPR First Aid Training, and etc.

 Quality education

  • Promote Cooperative Education Program and internship programs.
  • Signed the MOU with universities to tailor the "An-Shin Educational Program".
  • Cooperate with colleges and universities to hold the "Workplace Experience Camp" and experience camp for middle-aged as well.
  • Provide a complete staff education and training system and introduced a digital learning platform in 2020.

  Gender equality

  • Promote gender equity by consisting 2 female directors in the BOD (includes 1 independent director).
  • Female employees comprised 62% of the number of management positions and personnel evaluation was held periodically to promote outstanding employees.

 Clean water and sanitation

  •  Implement effective water resources management by introducing water-saving toilets.

  Affordable and clean energy

  • Introduce energy-saving LED lightbulbs to reduce energy consumption and continuously implement the IS0 50001 energy management system.
  • Identify energy management goals to improve energy efficiency.

 Decent work and economic growth

  • Recruit seniors who are passionate about catering service.
  • Long-term cooperation with local social welfare institutions, support the disables by providing a friendly workplace.
  • Recruit young talents.
  • Develop products by consuming local ingredients to support local farmers.
  • Launched MOS Order Application, self-service kiosk and digitalized kitchen.
  • ​Form the delivery service team and build the food manufacturing factory to elevate customer service and experience.

  Industry, innovation and infrastructure

  • Launch vegetarian products such as plant-based burgers and oat milk drinks.
  • Allocate a proportion of expenditure on R&D to ensure the continuous innovation of products and increase competitive advantage.

 Reduced inequalities

  • Offer competitive salary and benefits by conducting a salary survey every year. Equal salary for new recruits regardless of gender, and we provide opportunities for seniors and disabled.

  Sustainable cities and communities

  • Provide free accommodations for staff while attending training programs.
  • Provide accommodations for staff who are not residents of Taipei at a reasonable price.

 Responsible consumption and production

  • Promote source reduction and waste management.
  • Offer reusable mugs for customers' dine in use to reduce the usage of plastic utensils.
  • Introduced a reward system for using a reusable cup.
  • Use compostable polylactic acid (PLA) as the raw materials of cup lids and plastic salad containers.
  • Introduce PLA straight drink cup lids in response to the plastic-reduction policy set by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • Cooperate and issue the "Taiwan National Park Travel Passport" with CPAMI which allows the public to redefine and appreciate the beauty of Taiwan's natural environment.
  • Engage in environmental educational activities with the lead by chairman and CEO.

  Climate action

  • Reduce the drivers of climate change by tapping into smart agriculture and successfully built the An-Shin Smart Farm which produces different kinds of lettuces and strawberries.

 Life below water

  •  Encourage employees to participate in beach clean-up to reduce marine litter. 

  Life on land

  • Prioritize the usage of Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certified raw materials.
  • Purchase paper certified by sustainable forestry organization to reduce environmental impact.

 Peace justice and strong Institutions

  •  Comply with the law and regulations by establishing a database and held seminars related to health promotion and other activities.Develop Human Rights Policy and avoid any kinds of discrimination in hiring.

  Partnerships for the Goals

  • Expand business market into China and Australia by opening new branches.
  • Develop new products and increase customer base by cooperating with partners in Australia.