Sanitary Inspections 

The An-Shin Quality Assurance Department conduct sampling inspections for MOS stores throughout the years. They carry out hygiene inspection, checks on water quality, equipment, personal hygiene, temperature and products sold. The inspection methods used are along with the Food Safety and Health Management Law and the Food Hygiene Standards, and the hygiene inspections are carried out with reference to Food Safety Management System and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) procedures.

An-Shin Quality Assurance Department conducts hygiene inspections in all MOS stores throughout the year.21 The inspection checklist includes product hygiene, water quality, equipment, hand hygiene, temperature checks, and etc. The method of inspection is conducted according to the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation, the Regulations on Good Hygiene Practice for Food, the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, and the Food Safety Management Systems. The water quality inspection (including ice, filtered water, and tap water) was carried out in Q1 and all of the stores were required to meet the water quality standards without specific grading. From Q2 to Q4, 97.7% of inspection results achieved "Good" level and above in hygiene inspections, while the rest are classified as "To Be Improved" level and passed the reinspection at a rate of 100%.22  Once the stores fail to achieve “Good” level and above during inspection , they are required to improve and double checked by the operation supervisor afterwards, then the Quality Assurance Department will carry out reinspection within 72 hours and issue a report with improvement suggestions. They track the improvement progress until the store passes inspection.

In response to the inspection results, we conduct small seminar classes to highlight the key points of food safety and hygiene besides regular tracking of improvement progress.We also provide related information through the e-learning platform so that our staffs can better understand the standard operating procedures (SOP) and improve food safety. We hope to increase the effectiveness of annual sanitary inspection through the seminars and e-learning platform. 


Food Safety Training Courses and Legal Training Seminars

An-Shin upholds our commitments to customers through the continuous on-site sanitary inspections. In addition, we held internal food safety training courses regularly and so that the store managers can better understand the importance of food preparation, equipment cleaning, personnel health management, environmental hygiene requirements, and etc. during operations. 6 internal training sessions were held in 2020 with a total of 79 participants. Besides, we invited the organizations which were approved by the health authorities to host the seminars on Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation and GHP. As a result, 5 seminars were held with a total of 291 participants.We believe our staffs can better understand the latest information related to food safety regulations through internal training sessions and seminars, and strengthen the food safety management in stores to reduce the possible risks.