Employee Retention 

Employee Training Management System 

An-Shin established a training management system which can provide various training according to the employees' needs and position. Aside from the general and management courses, we provide courses related to operation strategy, food safety professional, product development, sales training, customer needs analysis and future trends. We hope to train capable and trustable managers.  Besides, our Operational Training Unit customizes courses according to the needs to enhance the employees' professional skills such as periodical operation checks and store manager assessment. In order to make the training system more organized and to improve the quality, we continue to increase the number of qualified trainers. 

An-Shin follows the Talent Quality management System (TTQS), continuously reviews organizational needs, strategies and the connectivity of training, and pays attention to the implementation details and effectiveness of each training course. An-Shin obtained the Bronze Medal of the Evaluation Enterprise Organization and it was extended to November 13, 2020. We are looking forward to reapply in 2021 to maintain the quality of training and continue to improve.  

Consensus Camp- Featured Experience 

At the beginning of each year, the company hold the "MOS Burger Consensus Camp". Through activities, employees can better understand the company and their own annual goals and bring them back to work for implementation. The strategy in 2020 was the "Featured Experience". We hope that our products goods or services bring customers a different "special experience". Before innovation and the special experience, we need to understand the latest trends. Therefore, experts are specially invited to share so that we can understand how to develop a brand in depth. Enriching activities throughout the day not only stimulated creative practices, but also condensed the consensus goals of partners, and continuously improved the value of 3Q (Environmental Quality, Product Quality, Service Quality). The number of participants in this camp was 323.

Number of participants

Satisfaction rate

Multi-Purpose and Systematic Training 

An-Shin provides diversified education and training to HQ and store members. Through the professional management courses, An-Shin can always be a role model and continue to provide good service to customers in a rapidly changing business environment. To eliminate the inequality in education, An-Shin has a complete employee education and training system which is divided into pre-employment training and on the job training. The internal and external training methods are both deployed to strengthen the foundation of the company's sustain-able development. External courses are planned according to specific needs to further enhance staff professional competence and core competitiveness. Besides regular internal training courses, various types of special courses are also provided according to the annual strategic goals. External lectures and seminars are also held to enhance professional competence and broaden the employees' horizons. The total cost of employee training and training in 2020 was NT$ 2.35 million.

To enable employees in the HQ understand the work of the first-line staffs and provide assistance in the future, all of the employees in HQ are required to take part in a 4-day orientation and at least 2 weeks of internship program in the store. They are also required to pass the service certification exams, accounting 22% of the overall training. 



General training focuses on improving the work skills required at work, such as crisis management, proposal writing, presentation skills, high-efficiency time management, job assignment and subordinate training, and etc., accounting 38% of the overall training.

To allow HQ and operating staffs receive management knowledge and make it easier for center management to pass on their ideas to various departments and stores, An-Shin E-Newsletter is published quarterly, which includes work management tips and computer software operations.


In 2020, we offered 3 elective courses, including Google tools, environmentally friendly lectures, and Excel skills. Employees can use the relevant knowledge and tools to improve work skills.


Professional training accounts for 20% of the overall training. Management training, which accounts for another 20%, is mainly to enhance the depth management capabilities, as through manager’ s reading clubs and inviting external managers to share the essence of leadership and management. In addition to management-related courses, there is also annual An-Shin lecture which managers from different industries are invited to share their thoughts and practices on the key factors of digital transformation and corporate success. In 2020, we improved the professional functions of various departments through internal courses and external training, such as the financial accounting and evaluation practice of corporate mergers and acquisitions, the on job-training of laboratory supervisors in the testing field in 2020, the practical training courses of QC 7 methods, the corporate governance 3.0, detection of hidden fraud and laboratory certification standard ISO/IEC 17025 training, and etc.


Manager's Reading Club

An-Shin attaches great importance to the education and training of employees. We have implemented a diversified approach to help managers continue to gain knowledge and self-development, including 3-4 reading sessions per year. Managers are required to finish the assigned reading before joining the club and brainstorm with the other managers. Since 2014, the managers of An-Shin have read more than 20 books, and the books discussed cover various fields. The manager's reading club also discusses films, and they can learn more management skills from the films. In the manager’s  reading club held in 2020, the assigned book was "Turn-On the Soul of Supervisor" and the author was invited. The book starts from 4 major aspects which are role, life, leadership, and thinking. We learn to empathize, and finally create maximum performance, and build a sound management body step by step. A quarter of the book talks about the quality of managers, while the rest talk about how to manage well, including upward, downward, and self-management. After the wonderful sharing by General Manager Chih-Jen Sheng, the participating managers learnt to be a good supervisor.


Learning from Board Games

An-Shin has introduced the concept of board games into training courses. We have developed 2 board game games to meet the internal needs. "Hard to Find" is a game which requires the players to find a good parking space quickly and accurately. This game enables them to understand the logic of a manager on duty, the importance of the work order and sequence. Another game is called the "Burger Union". It is a board game in conflict management course tailored for HQ staffs. The game requires 2 teams to collect gems to summon the Burger Superman. They can learn how to deal with conflicts, and understand the opponent's position during the fun process.By using multiple teaching methods, board games can boost the learning efficiency and encourage the staffs to apply what they have learned to practical work.

Store Manager Management Course

Due to the COVID-19, many companies have encountered difficulties in their operations. To prevent staffs from being overthrown by the pandemic, we planed a series of courses for store managers. The course was different from the previous as it was divided into 3 sessions. First, a store management expert was invited and planed for the courses according to the current business environment changes. The courses covered 3 main areas which were self-management, communication and expression, and executive performance. In the past, the course had only single lesson. We decided to separate it into 3 lessons this year, so that students can learn in-depth and greatly enhance the learning efficiency.

Store Manager Management Course

The Operational Training Unit is responsible for the new training of store members. For the recruits, the orientation focuses on company philosophy, food safety and hygiene, operation standards, customer service concepts, and etc. After completing the orientation, they will be assigned to the training store for on-site operation. Through the combination of OFF J.T. and OJT training, the basics learned in orientation can be used in the store, accounting for 24% of the overall training. For the managers' training, We aim to improve the management ability, and training accounts for 11% of the overall. Professional training focuses on the knowledge and skills required for store operation management, such as customer service, inventory, on-duty, OJT guidance skills, and etc., accounting for 36% of the overall training. Finally, there is a general training, which includes idea delivering and experience  sharing on "Do things that are appreciated by customers", accounting for 29% of the overall.

Introducing OJT crew

The OJT crews are important trainers of on-site staff development. An-Shin has always paid the most attention to the learning and growth of employees and committed in nurturing high-quality management operation personnel. We have a set of complete training course for each position in response to the continuous expansion of manpower needs, MOS established the Operational Coaching Unit in March 2019 which conducts on-the-job training where professional instructors perform practical operations on site. By increasing the interaction and practical opportunities for newcomers, we hope our customers can experience the best dining service in MOS Burger.



The instructor demonstrates the operation to the newcomers, from greeting to serving customers, ordering meals, delivering meals, tidying up the store environment, and etc. Different from the general courses in classroom, face-to-face  teaching can better understand the tension of recruits facing unfamiliar work, and be closer to customers' expectations of the store. Doing by learning, and learning by doing can accumulate the experience and fulfillment. Positive working environment can greatly improve the overall service of the store, and comprehend the business philosophy of "Contribute to Humanity and Society".


Average training hours for HQ and operating employees

Average external training hours for occupational safety and health

TCFA Outstanding Store Manager Selection

The selection of TCFA outstanding store managers is a major event for the industry. 2020 was affected by the COVID-19, so as to and all industries. MOS Burger took the challenge and nominated 6 excellent store managers. 6 store managers stood out from all stores in Taiwan, both in terms of customer relationships and business performance. In addition, innovative business methods allowed the stores to break through the pandemic restrictions, and their performances were not affected. Therefore, they achieved good results in the selection of outstanding store managers. 


Besides operational challenges, the competition encountered uncertainties due to pandemic, and the training courses were also affected. The training courses changed from classroom training to online courses. In the 2020 National Outstanding Store Manager Selection, store managers Qiongwen Hsu, Jiahong Tsai, and Pingchun Li stood out. Moreover, the store manager Jiahong Tsai performed well and won 3rd place in the store management experience and 2nd place in the best innovation award. Store manager is the commander of the operation and the executor of the corporate philosophy.

Aside from providing delicious products and considerate services to customers, managers also need to lead the team to operate the business. Therefore, leadership, communication skills, training skills, data analysis, and creative business thinking are important to become an excellent store manager. An-Shin attaches great importance to human resource development by continuously improving the store manager through internal professional training, external training, and learning from other industries.

Training Base for An-Shin Employees 

The Tamsui Training Center, the "An-Shin Academy" has been established for 8 years since its establishment in 2012. It has well-equipped classrooms and a lecture hall that can accommodate nearly 100 people. The basic education courses for new employees of An-Shin and the training courses for store manager development are conducted here. In recent years, an "Honest Store" has been set up at the 1st floor, so that staff can practice honesty and integrity in unmanned stores to pay the purchase amount. Other than the internal education and training, the training center also adequate for external units to hold courses. The 2nd and 3rd floors are the accommodation areas. Besides accommodation, there are also multiple recreational facilities, such as basketball courts, fitness equipment, library, and etc., An-Shin Academy also organizes activities according to different festivals. For example, there were 5  Halloween events held in October, with 50 participants, and 5 sessions of Christmas event "Shake the Bell" with 60 participants.


Event Sessions Participants
Halloween Event 5 50
Christmas Event-Shake The Bell  60

 Classroom usage

Item To Whom Units 2018 2019 2020
Internal Training  People 3,763 3,996 3,688
External Unit  People 1,604   1,640 2,177 
Number of external unit renting the venue
Item Description Units 2018 2019 2020
Leisure space rental Comfortable and quiet An-Shin Academy is available for external units and a great venue for teaching and staff accommodation with reasonable prices. People 1,604 2,076 2,153

Staff Dormitory 

To allow employees outside of Taipei City come to the HQ for training without worrying about housing, the Tamsui An-Shin Academy and the Jilin Academy provide free accommodation during the company's training. After becoming a full-time employee, regional dormitories such as Tianmu, Shi-dong, TMU Wuxing, Beian, Linkou Zhulin, Sanchong, and Taichung Zhonggang Chengqing are also available for employees at a favorable price.