Occupational Safety and Health Management 


The right to life should be far more important than the right to work, and labor safety is the most important working condition that An-Shin and employees must work together to maintain. As an employer, An-Shin has a Safety and Health Team to implement occupational safety and health management system. We follow labor laws and regulations, fulfill corporate responsibilities, take care of employees, and formulate safety and health policies. Employees themselves should also be aware of the occupational safety and health laws and regulations related to them and have the obligation to abide by them, to ensure their safety at work.

Store Safety Inspection

Disasters are usually unpredictable. The concept of safety management is a process of phenomena or results from the cause to the disaster. Due to a large number of kitchen equipment in stores are operated frequently by our staffs, it is highly important for each staff to implement safety inspections in order to prevent machine failures and human negligence. An-Shin’ s Safety and Health Team continues to conduct occupational safety and hygiene inspections every month, conducts hazard identification and risk assessment in advance for various operations, and proposes preventive and control measures to ensure workplace safety.

Occupational Health & Safety Checks 

Working environment measurement is to allow An-Shin to understand the actual working environment of employees to assess the planning, sampling, analysis or instrumental measurement of labor exposure. Therefore, appropriate strategies must be drawn up to achieve this goal. Every 6 months, An-Shin hires environmental monitoring agency approved by the Ministry of Labor to monitor the emission of carbon dioxide to ensure that the carbon dioxide concentration of each store regardless of the dining area and working area are below the standard to maintain a safe working environment. In 2020, the CO2 concentration of all MOS Burger stores was below the regulated concentration of 5,000 ppm.

Safety and Health Training

An-Shin has established a safety issue report system. This system analyzes the types of safety issues, tracks the recovery status of employees affected by occupational disasters, and conducts resumption assessments. According to the analysis results, cut injuries, burns, and falls are the most common safety issues in stores. To reduce various forms of violence, and to cooperate with the 4 laws on occupational safety, we set up the data and the prevent of unlawful violations, workplace mental health, musculoskeletal prevention, and maternal protection program and other courses.

Occupational Disaster Prevention Measures

Safety and Health Education

A total of 8 sessions were carried out in 2020 for new employees in full-time positions. We collaborated with Neihu Disaster Prevention Science Education Center to improve the ability of new employees in responding emergencies at work.


Employees' Health On-Site Service

The safety and health team carried out a total of 789 sessions by the end of 2020 to check the health of An-Shin’ s employees, including labor safety consultant and labor health nurses. There are 3 labor health service physicians in Northern, Central and Southern of Taiwan, who are targeted at maternity, illegal infringement, overloading, workplace mental health, resumption of work, and labor assessment and work-related accident tracking care, checking the first aid kit in stores, health consultation of employees’ health check reports, and suggestions for improvement measures for the working environment, and etc.

Workplace Violence (illegal infringement) Psychological Occupational Disaster

In November 2020, the operation department promoted the prevention of illegal violations at the monthly meeting, provided mailboxes and established a reporting system. By issuing contact sheets and meeting announcements, staffs can understand the reporting channels and workplace violence. 

During the HQ meeting in October 2020, we promoted the prevention of illegal violations in the workplace, and the chairman took zero tolerance on violence workplace, enhanced employee cohesion and reduced employee negative ideas, and comprehensively promoted the concept of zero violence in the workplace.

Tracking on Accident and Occupational Injury 

Accidents are unforeseeable misfortunes that are not caused by intention, negligence, improper action, or omission. There is a relationship between illness and work. Illness could be occupational injury and occupational disease. Occupational injury refers to acute sickness, while occupational disease is a more chronic disease that occurs only after a while. Therefore, the prevention of occupational injuries is important. To implement occupational safety and health management and control, we established an executive organization to further strengthen the prevention of occupational injuries, and move towards the goal of building the best healthy workplace.

Accidents Report System 

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Law, An-Shin updates the online statistics of occupational hazards monthly and establishes a complete reporting system that enables employees to report incidents while at work. Employees can make a report to their managers or the Occupational Health and Safety Team directly. Our team will conduct analysis to uncover the reasons and help to solve or improve. They will also follow up with the concerned person and carry out an evaluation to determine if they are ready to return to their original position. Besides, they will also publicize the relevant health and safety measures to prevent similar problems.

Back to Work Assessment 

For workers who cannot return to their original workplaces, career counseling assessments are provided, and after various tests and evaluations, they can give them advice on changing jobs. Occupational disasters are sudden accidents. If employees suffer from occupational disasters and return to work in a hurry, it is easy to cause secondary injuries and even lose their confidence to return to the workplace. In severe cases, there will be a considerable degree of psychological state such as post-traumatic syndrome. Therefore, An-Shin assists workers to develop their strength in fields they are good at. Since 2016, a resumption plan has been established and implemented measures such as re-provisioning of employees after injuries, appropriate provision of pregnant employees, employees who have been illegally violated, and intervention in the workplace based on the adaptive provision of workers.In the 4 years of implementation, the resumption plan has assisted 46 employees to resume work successfully. We will continue to improve the resumption plan and measures and strengthen the effectiveness of the resumption of work. At the end of 2020, the form will be adjusted to allow a consultant to conduct evaluations to more efficiently record the process of consultant receiving evaluations. In addition, we make good use of the resources provided by hospitals in Northern, Center, Southern, and Huadong of Taiwan to connect employees with professional work enhancement centers and functional rehabilitation treatments established by local medical centers, to provide professional medical and rehabilitation services for employees after injuries intervention. Before returning to the workplace, the work enhancement center will conduct a job function assessment and a report. Then, the labor health service physician and the functional rehabilitator will conduct the workplace environment assessment together, and adjust the assistance for the employees.

Prevention of Unlawful Infringement and Handling Procedure

Unlawful violations in the performance of works are commonly known as “workplace violence.” Workplace violence refers to the abuse, threats, or attacks of workers in a working environment that directly or indirectly endanger their safety, well-being, or physical and mental health. An-Shin plans and adopts necessary safety and health protection measures by occupational safety and health regulations and guidelines, including routine occupational safety work items, and implements workplace environmental risk assessment. In addition, the operation environment also regularly conducts illegal infringement prevention operations, such as internal and external illegal infringement assessment, early identification of possible hazards can be reduced through engineering or administrative improvements.

To ensure the rights of employees to be protected from infringement, An-Shin constructed an illegal infringement report system. When an illegal infringement incident occurs, the incident will be handled by the illegal infringement prevention and incident handling procedures. The chairman led An-Shin to commit "zero tolerance" for illegal infringements, and create an organizational culture against illegal infringement in the workplace.

Evaluation and Interview to Prevent Overload from Cerebral Cardiovascular Disease

In addition to personal factors (such as pre-existing diseases or living habits, and etc.), the onset of cerebrovascular diseases is also related to workload, so as plans for assessment and interview. Employees are required to fill in the questionnaire, and the back-end process is performed and after the data is set up, a personalized overwork form is made and then evaluated by the doctor. At the same time, it is used with the Brief Symptom Rating Scale (BSRS-5) for an overall evaluation, conduct face-to-face consultation at the on-site service. If employees need to be consulted by a professional doctor or need to receive treatment, they will assume immediate medical referral assistance, and arrange a suitability assessment plan.

Maternity Report System

The labor health on-site service conducts risk examination and hazard assessment, and protects the workplace environment for maternity as one of the necessary items to meet gender equality and focus on protecting female employees. When childbirth planning is considered, female employees are arranged to be less exposed to the workplace during pregnancy and when they return to work after giving birth. Since 2016, measures to protect motherhood in the workplace have followed in the footsteps of the guidelines of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Since 2020, in addition to maintaining the online report system, providing a Pregnancy Badge to wear at work also makes many beginner mothers feel more secure.


Checkup Follow-up 

The annual body checkup of each employee uses the QR Code provided on-site to complete a questionnaire. The system can show the statistical analysis of the questionnaire and further track the status of the employee. Through questionnaires, it can pick up the employees who need further interviews, including human hazard prevention assessments, over-evaluation scales, mood thermometers, daily health awareness, four-cancer screening needs, smoking, betel nuts, and alcohol.


Health Promotion and Management 

Annual amount on employee health check (NT$ thousands)

An-Shin promotes health knowledge and implements health promotions for all partners. Since 2017, we have collaborated with QiXin Clinic to host lectures covering personal weight management, nutrition knowledge, and exercise classes, with professional health management instructors, dietitians and exercise instructors, and smart pedometers to encourage employees to practice physical health. Employees also have access to exercise equipment in the workplace. They hope to promote that the workplace is not just synonymous with fatigue, but a healthy place caring for employee well-being. We were rewarded the Health Initiation Seal in 2017 and 2018. In 2018, we extended the health promotion to all stores in Taiwan, so that all employees can move together and have a healthy workplace. With the joint efforts of all partners, we obtained the Healthy Workplace Promotion Seal and the chain store certification.

Health Promotion Administration Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace 

An-Shin encourages employees to build health awareness and implement health promotion. Since 2017, Chi-Hsin Clinic has guided the launch of a healthy workplace plan. A total of 16 hours of health activities and sessions covers personal weight management and nutrition were held and lasted for 4 months. The courses included health  knowledge, exercises, and other courses. Through professional health management lecturers, nutritionists, and exercise instructors, and equipped with pedometers, we hope to create a healthy workplace.

An-Shin achieved the badges in 2017 and 2018 to promote a healthy workplace in all stores in Taiwan. From 2019 to 2020, we continued to hold health promotion activities to protect the health rights of all partners. Some of the  group activities were suspended due to the pandemic in 2020. However, the number of seminars on health education and publicity materials continued, providing our staffs with the most reassuring and warm care.

 Health promotion seminars and the number of participants 

2020 Health Promotion Activities

Workplace Group Fitness Series: Dance

An-Shin provided dance class for the employees by inviting professional instructors. The class lasted for 1 hour and the employees moved together to the music. This helped to improve metabolism, relieve stress, and also a great way to relax mind, body and soul. 3 classes were held in January 2020 with 30 participants. The dance class has been suspended due to COVID-19 which restricts the size of public gatherings, but we plan to continue the class after the pandemic. 

Road Safety Seminar

We held a road safety seminar during the nation-wide store managers meeting in August. The seminar delivered the messages about the importance of correct use of safety helmet and safe driving using stories, so that the employees can better understand and also to ensure employee safety. The total participant of the seminar was 314.

Unlawful Workplace Harassment Awareness Education (Part 1 and Part 2)

An-Shin promoted unlawful workplace harassment awareness in September and October, including supervisor self-assessment and inspections, with 628 participants.

Health Check Promotion Seminar

The 2021 health check promotion was carried out during the nationwide store managers meeting in November. The promotion aimed to provide clear information about the annual health check and precautions to all the store managers. Besides, the seminar provided QA time which can strengthen the communication between managers. The total participant was 314 people.

AED+CPR First Aid Training

The first aid training course was held annually for the new employees and also other employees for re f re s hpurpose. 4 t r a i n i n g courses were held with 80% participants successfully obtaining the license, and a total of 94 employees completed the training.


Maternal Protection Plan 

An-Shin complies with the "Gender Equality Act" and the  "Regulations for Implementing Unpaid Parental Leave for Raising Children", and provides employees with rights and interests such as parental leave. Employees who have served for over 1 year are eligible to apply for maximum 2 years of parental leave before their children reach the age of 3.

Reinstatement  and retention rate after parental leave

The safety and health team has created an online reporting system, which can be notified via mobile phones or computers. For mothers who have been notified, the safety and health team will provide protective measures, work environment hazard identification, risk assessment, and regular follow-up to provide care and assistance and provide immediate breastfeeding education during pregnancy. To ensure maternal employees to have a safe and comfortable working environment, the store adjusts suitable work con-tent or work location according to the needs of maternal employees.By the Guidelines for the Protection of Maternal Work-places and the Gender Work Equality Act, we planned to set up breastfeeding rooms in 2015. In 2016, we applied for government breastfeeding room funding subsidies to  improve the equipment, The nursing room was evaluated by the Department of Health, Taipei City Government in 2017, and it was awarded with the certification mark of the excellent nursing room, provide a private and comfortable breastfeeding space for An-Shin's employees. Due to the impact of the pandemic, the high-performance breast-feeding room award was extended to August 2021 by the Department of Health. It is expected that the maternal health protection measures will be more complete in 2021.

Statistics of reinstatement and retention of parental leave