Community Influence 

An-Shin adheres to the belief of deepening the community, regards ourselves as a part of the community, and maintains a benign interactive relationship with community residents bit by bit to create a clean, tidy, warm and beautiful community environment.

Invoice Donation

According to statistics from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, there are 203 child protection cases every day, of which 25.2% are an improper treatment of the body and 2.6% is improper care of the food, clothing and housing environment. An-Shin and Good Friend Mission work together to protect the children in the community and make the invoices donation to help children to grow in their needs. In 2020, the invoice donation box in MOS Burger stores raised NT$716,800, and the coin donation box raised NT$417,074. The funds raised were used for 47 children, which is 6–18 years old who were living in disadvantaged conditions and 3,363 juvenile services. It has provided 3,623 times meal service, 2,687 times of elementary school class assistants, 126 times of family activities, 3,182 times counseling and 1,880 times children's training services. Because of environmental and economic difficulties, more efforts are needed to shape their lives forward. Therefore, besides providing after-school care and meals, with life companionship by Good Friends, they can see the true needs of the children, and grow along the way.


Invite Everyone to Join Neighborhood Cleaning   

For us, cleaning work is not just to clean within the store, but to reach out to the entire neighborhood. From August to September 2020, it was when COVID-19 was a stable situation in Taiwan. MOS Burger did not forget the business philosophy of "Contribution to Humanity and Society". Therefore, we connected with the families and friends of our employees and community volunteers, in different parts of Taiwan to carry out community neighborhood cleaning activities together. A total of 13 sessions were held, with a total of 477 participants, 55 bags of non-recyclable garbage and 8 bags of recyclable garbage. During the process of cleaning, we will share positivity by greeting every passerby with a warmhearted "good morning".

National Health Day  

The National Health Day is to remind citizens to care about their health regularly. Free blood pressure test and waist examination were provided every year. People who participate in the event have the opportunity to get a healthy meal and gifts. The number of participants reaches over 10 thousand each year, which is deeply loved and supported by the people. On August 8, 2020, the store manager of Taipei Hospital Store led his members to participate in volunteer services. He learned what a metabolic syndrome is, and how to measure blood pressure and waist circumference correctly, and educate those who exceed the standard. The store manager wishes to bring back this experience to the store. An-Shin provides more than delicious food but also cares about the well-being of our customers.

Child Safety Care Activity 

On August 22nd, the manager of Taipei Hospital Store participated in the child safety care activity to learn how to accompany children having fun in a safe environment with staffs. Children of different ages need to communicate in different ways. For children to have a safe environment for activities, the entire venue must be disinfected thoroughly. The largest group of customers on the weekend in MOS Burger is families. Often, store members have to assist and concern about the safety of the children. Through this experience, they will bring the experience back to the store to share with other members. To instruct them on how to build a relationship with different age groups and communicate effectively. On August 25, 2020, the manager of Kaohsiung Freedom Store led his members to participate in Fengshan non-profit kindergarten for safety propaganda activity, allowing children to establish correct safety concepts through games. By applying the concepts to daily lives, children can stay away from danger and reduce the occurrence of accidents and injuries.