Human Rights

Human rights policy- An-Shin Food Service Co., Ltd.


An-Shin Food Service Co., Ltd. is committed to corporate social responsibility and protects the human rights of employees, customers and stakeholders. The company complies with the "United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights", "United Nations Global Covenant", "International Labor Organization Convention" and other international human rights to eliminate any violations, and enable all employees to be treated reasonably, equally and with dignity.

The scope of human rights policy applies to An-Shin Food Service Co., Ltd. and its operating locations:

1. Compliance with labor laws
The company is committed to abide by the labor-related laws and regulations in the place where it operates, and formulate relevant human rights protection and labor policies and implement related measures.

2. Create a friendly and equal workplace

The company implements gender equality in work, eliminates various forms of forced labor, employment and employment discrimination, and strives to create a working environment with equal opportunities, dignity, safety, equality, and freedom from discrimination and harassment.

3. Reasonable use of working hours

The company prohibits the employment of child labor, clearly stipulates working hours and extension of working hours, and regularly monitors and manages the attendance of employees.

4. Build a healthy and safe workplace

In accordance with applicable safety and health laws and regulations, the company regularly reviews the health and safety risks of employees, and through the implementation of preventive measures, continues to establish a healthy and safe working environment.

5. Harmonious labor-management communication

In order to create an atmosphere of harmony and co-prosperity between labor and capital, the company has various communication channels and regularly holds labor and capital meetings to achieve two-way communication between labor and capital to effectively mediate differences in opinions.